Feddersen barrels shoot extremely hot 22 LR ammo exceptionally well, which is what you want for a long-range gun that can reach beyond the 50 or yard mark. You’ll end up spending hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands on it to get it to shoot with the stock bolt guns. The time now is A BR-style is preferred with a fully floating barrel. I have a couple of their seconds for the rollover walnut and the inletting was spot on. If so which is best? It’ll cost ya way more than you’re probably wanting, but if you get a Tony Kidd complete rifle, you’ll cry once and be glad for the rest of your life on this one.

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You’ll find the phone and all the other info at the website. If you really don’t get it then I apologize and here is the explanation.

By the way, I got a Green Mountain 18″ Barrel from rackdriver member. Which means that if you hit that same spot enough times the tack would have been driven into the target. That’s what I’m talking about.

Build Review: Custom 10/22 Long Range Tack Driver

Richards leaves their stocks a little rougher like maybe grit so there is enough wood you can make the grip etc a little larger or change the shape some to your liking. According to many who have had this done, a Nemo reworked barrel will shoot right up there with the big name aftermarket barrels.


What else should be my next step? Assuming that your barrel is a good one and tackfriver consistent accuracy, ammo is stok next thing.

Performance-wise there is one difference between this style brake and a suppressor: All times are GMT I polished the heck out of the trigger surfaces and shimmed it and the hammer, disconnector to eliminate side play. Originally Posted by Brick. Oh and this is all done using cheap Federal ammo.

The bolt is available separately, but currently the receiver is only available as a complete rifle. They make the inletting to accommodate multiple rifles and it is never a perfect or exceptional fit for any of them. I found these videos helpful if you’re working on the trigger.

Customizing the Ruger 10/22

All times are GMT As far as Richard’s goes, their recommendation to start with 80grit for sanding out their milling marks doesn’t mean that there is enough material to do any major changes, we’re only talking about a few thousands of an inch! Tackdrriver a matching front bad and the rifle will be very stable.

Match grade barrels in heavy contours but not necessarily the heavy weight are available from numerous manufacturers.


Would a good aftermarket stock make a difference? Volquartsen has receiver clones and everything else you need. What would you guys recommend for barrel, trigger, stock, and scope? Mine was a second prototype, so I did not expect it to be perfect.

Originally Posted by austin Finally, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to “hold” the rifle when you shoot, or just touch the trigger and allow the rifle to recoil freely. Find all posts by Tzckdriver Phx. Last edited by austin; at Am just wondering if the Tack-Driver stock has the same problems mentioned on other types of his stocks.

Build Review: Custom 10/22 Long Range Tack Driver –

I’ll take a stab at offering a few suggestions. I’ve only shot it once and, after adjusting the sight which must have been banged around in shipping, it shot fairly accurately at yds.

At yards I managed a.

March 24th, This build is extremely stable in the prone position or off the bench.