We deliver all of France, and internationally. The intended load impedance is 50 ohms and the total idle current flow is just a tad less than mA. The resulting distortion is fairly low and the gain is fairly high, which makes this circuit a good candidate for applying a negative feedback loop. The more support I get, the higher up these posts move up in deserving attention. Yes, less electronics more music.

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Click on images to see enlargements. One characteristic that all my SRPP variations share, however, is the acknowledgement that the SRPP is fundamentally a push-pull power amplifier, not a single-ended gain stage.

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What would it look like? More importantly, the cathode resistor value is no longer a hair-trigger arpp. For hard-core audiophiles, for whom sonics triumph over music, turn up the volume to window rattling level and try track 8, “L’Animal Sorcier,” from her The Glow Within album. In fact, not many cathode followers really sound good at all. This transistor gets a lot of use in the driver stage of solid-state power amplifiers. To purchase, please visit our Yahoo Store: The ECC99 tubes, however, will get 6sh7 hot.

Special Thanks to the Special 67 Lost one, alas To all my patrons, all 68 of them, thank you all again. If even more gain is required, the following cascode which would then cascade into a cathode follower is one possible answer. For those of you who still have old computers running 6ssn7 XP bit or any other Windows bit OS, I have setup the download availability of my old old standards: Click schematic for enlargement.


Liste des composants Format XLS. Google [Bot] and 26 guests. I do plan on remaking all of these programs into bit versions, but it will be a huge ordeal, as programming requires vast chunks of noise-free time, something very rare with children running about.

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If you have been reading my posts, you know that my lifetime goal is reaching post number one 6sh7. Due to the 80mA constant-current source, the maximum symmetrical output is a tad over 4Vpk the signal source will provide its own 13mA of peak current swing. Yes, I know that they do not make resistors in this value, but they do make ohm resistors, two of which could be placed in parallel, yielding 6. Once again, not bad. I would start with her album, The Glow Withinwhere she is accompanied by Steve Hubback on percussion, whose bells, drums, and gongs will delight your speakers, while her sweet voice she sings in English and tasteful harp playing will please your soul.

Tubes don’t mind heat, but solid-state devices do.

We could give each triode its own constant-current source and coupling capacitor, which could 25V non-polarized electrolytic or a film capacitor. Getting to great requires adding to extra parts: See post for more details.


AMC – Kit Preamp module SRPP tube 6SN7

No doubt many would 6zn7 prefer the sound from this design over the hybrid alternatives, as the sound would seem riper, fuller, and warmer. Note where the 0.

The 6SN7 mu follower is about 1. The current-sense resistor’s value is an astonishingly low 6. And since the solid-state device will draw most of the current, it will dissipate most of the heat. The ohmm series resistor set an impedance multiplier ratio of almost 6: I know they exist, as I get email from its members all the time, asking if an Aikido or a White cathode follower can be transformed into an SRPP.

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This product is no longer in stock. She is pegged as a New-Age performer, but her music would not seem out of place if played years ago. The SRPP portion is laid out in a horizontal fashion. Srpp is the price we must pay for not providing a proper phase splitter and relying on series regulated or reflexive phase splitting on the cheap.