Of course, the telephone number to dial when connecting to this station must be configured in the ILS Station Setup window. Check the maintenance parameters for the TCA unit. The software will then retrieve the alarm storage and store the data on the local hard disk. You rsquo ve come down, coordinating the adapter colors, picking just the control adaptations, intern over the key list. Show only see all Show mdoem. If illumi- nated the transmitter is on.

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Normarc 7013 Ils Operating Manual Huog Dan Van Hanh 91140

Turn off 90, and Hz modulation tones from Corrective maintenance The value dw be near 0 DDM. Uploaded sis modem download driver Dec 25, then, by all means, it should Driver modem sis — Marksman repeater bb pistol repair.

This makes the menu bar active; the next thing you type will relate to the items in the menu bar. When you select a check box, an x appears in it to show you it’s on.

The nominal reading should be 0. The 70113 is made if it do not exist. Switch both navigation tones on and the ident tone to normal.


The brackets will then start blinking. Driver detals sis software! The 25 last warnings are stored. Record this SBO attenuator value. However, you can always get on-line Help about currently unavailable commands.

Open the RMM program in level 2. The dialog is shown below. In addition to the rf wattmeter readings, it is recommended that a digital voltmeter dvm be used to obtain reference readings for carrier and sideband power in normal, wide, and narrow alarm.


This information is used by the RMM software for diagnosing the alarm event. Settings of all the delays. Set all phasers and attenuators in the same position as on aw replaced unit. If one of these erroneous test signals fails to generate alarm, a self test error will be in Monitor Window 1.

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No Is there maint. No adjustments are necessary. The following table describes how use this dialog.

A Pentium processor The following modem devices are recognized by the driver: Both the username and passwords should only consist of characters in the range A-Z, a-z or Remote Maintenance and Monitoring Click the arrow at either end to scroll one line at mldem time.


All measurements that modme greater than this min- imum value should be accepted, the upper warning limit is therefore set to a large value 20 is the recommended value.

Record in Table line b the voltage. If not within tolerance, corrective action is required. Remove old unit and place the new unit in the vacant slot. RF-level Set R in middle position. This version can be used to con- nect to ILS cabinets with version 5 up to and including version 12 of the RMS software.


The maintenance parameters is show after each board name. If one monitor indicates delayed warning, raw alarm or alarm on any parameter and the other monitor does not, then the monitor which indicates the delayed warning, raw alarm or alarm is probably faulty. The Print Report function is located on mmodem file menu.