Recording Video IPView Pro allows you to record the video clip and save it in your computer through the following methods: Page 27 Basic Camera Name The second step is to setup a descriptive name for the camera. The camera is not weatherproof. Or you can remote control the camera to look in the desirable direction Versatile Application The camera is equipped with many advance function for all type of application. Video Recording Play button on the panel, and the following dialog screen will appear, allowing you to select the file to playback. Maintenance The Maintenance menu contains two submenus:

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It is easier for humans to read hexadecimal numbers than binary numbers.

AIRLIVE WL-5460CAM Manuals

If the problem is not solved the camera might be faulty. Motion Configuration-1 The Motion Configuration-1 item provides the commands for motion detection control. Click Yes in the airliev dialog box to confirm.

Click the Start to Fix button to start fixing. With the built-in CPU, it can work as a standalone system that provides a web-based solution transmitting high quality video images and sounds for monitoring purposes. Page 80 Mailing Configuration When Motion Detection function is enabled and the Send e-mail option is checked, you should enter the required information in the respective fields.

The main screen will appear as below: The power supply used might be at fault. Page 49 – Administrator Inactivity Timer: Once configured, click Save to save airliv settings, and then click the Configuration button again to exit configuration.


Setting Click the Setting item of the Wireless submenu to bring up the following page.

AVISavior allows you to fix the damaged recorded video files. Enter the user password again to confirm the password. Start iarlive DOS window.

Video Show Area — allows you to view the image from the camera. It functions by sending a packet to the specified address and waits for a reply.

Image Setting Click airlivve Image Setting item of the Video submenu to bring up the following page, which allows you to setup the image settings of the camera. Page 51 Click the Status item of the Configuration submenu to bring up the following page, which displays the current configuration of the camera.

Enter the mail server address that is used to send your e-mail. Select Yes to enable this function, and then fill in the required data in the User Ailive, Password and Domain Name fields. If you are not sure about the respective information, please ask your network administrator or MIS staff for help.

Release the reset button and the Link LED will turn off, indicating that the camera restores the factory default settings. Video Recording Play airllve on the panel, and the following dialog screen will appear, allowing you to select the file to playback. Basic Setup Basic Network The first step is to configure networking settings of the camera.

Viewing a Camera From the View Modes of the panel, you can select one-camera mode or other modes to display your video. Reset Default Click the Reset Default item of the Configuration submenu to bring up the following page, which allows you to load the default wl-5640cam of the camera. Select the camera you want to remove.


If the network share folder allows you to login using Anonymous, you will be able to upload the images without enter the User Name and Password. Page 85 Others When multiple cameras connected, this option allows the system to display these views as the main view in circles according to your time settings.

Then, the InstallShield Wizard will appear, click Next in the welcome screen. Step 4 Choose the destination location. It can be managed remotely, accessed and controlled from any PC desktop over the Intranet or Internet via a web browser.

AirLive WLCAM WiFi Pan-Tilt Cam Review | TechPowerUp

Page 24 Adjust the Image Brightness You can adjust the image brightness level through the Brightness option. Page 90 the transmission speed will slow down when many users are logged on, it is because that all the users share the same resources.

You can check this option to clear the files when the unreserved space of your hard disk is filled. Pan degree and W-5460cam degree.