It feels so solid and I actually like the contoured glass over the display. I thought HTC took care of the G series. I cant make a call from my couch because I dont have reception.. While most Android handsets with HDMI ports limit its capabilities to only viewing media, the G2x allows you to mirror the entire user interface. Make a lot of sense. Reception goes in and out.. Look at the IPhone, whatever one can say about it and maybe I will never go ahead and buy one.

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While I knew LG was capable of making a great handset, upon first look, you may think the G2x would be light and feel cheap in the hand. I was just wondering if I get this unlocked would it work in Asia and Canada for 3g data?

This thing is so fast it is mind boggling. Plus, the LED flash can wash out your subject completely if too close. We got a chance to play some upcoming Tegra 2 optimized games on the G2x, and in short, gameplay is stunning. Hurry Before It’s Gone! It can handle web browsing with multiple web pages open without a strain.

In our hands, applications literally felt like they were opening and closing instantly. Google will reportedly introduce two new Pixel phones in early By Jacob Siegal 1 day ago.

T-Mobile LG G2x Android smartphone hands-on – BGR

The G2x can andrlid stand out in the crowd today, but can it maintain its allure when the competition arrives? The back of the G2x is done up in a soft touch finish, and is easily removed by a tab at the bottom. Its a pity about the design.


Some other mobile operating systems may have attempted this, but none are andtoid good as Android when it comes to customization. Second will shut off since the first day purchased and with the battery over half way full, no apps downloaded. Navigating through the phone menus is butter smooth and super fast. Others are having the same problem.

It makes me the kind of person who replied to your comment. The 4-inch display covers most of the front, with the 1.

You want an iPhone?. I love the Optimus 2X and believe this one is the best Android phone on the market right now.

G2x LED Notification App (Android)

The left side of the G2x is clean, with the bottom housing the charging port and stereo speakers. You just pay for the phone outright or break it up into monthly payments.

The review above saying he played some games and some light apps and the battery lasted 11 hrs is just plain BS… Im lucky if I get 6 hrs with no games, no apps and no wifi and only make a few calls.

Now if I can only wait patiently until Wednesday until mine comes in the mail. Gotta love the straight up stock android. There is an ap called powermax that saves battery all day with use too. Look at the IPhone, whatever one can say about it and maybe I will never androkd ahead adroid buy one.


We put the G2x in a series of tests using three different benchmark applications, Quadrant, Neocore, and Linpack.

The phone shuts off all by itself on occasion. It might be too early to say, but the G2x could definitely end up being one of our favorite T-Mobile smartphones of the first half of While anddroid Android handsets with HDMI ports limit its capabilities to only viewing media, the G2x allows you adroid mirror the entire user interface. The battery last a full day but yes you will need to charge it every night.

I think the last Apple-related post I made was in re: Both ends were loud and clear with no background noise to speak of. I sit it right next to my wifes g2x that we bought the same day, Mine gx2 have 1 bar of reception and hers has 4….