The difference is ONLY the lens. Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? I think the issue is the AX33 lens Zeiss or no Zeiss. Find out what’s new and notable about the Z6 in our First Impressions Review. No, it is the lens.

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aopeb A heavier lens could slow the responsiveness of the BOSS system. If it were just a gimbal, then it wouldn’t matter the weight, but Sony designed it to be electromechanical whereas the system intelligently moves according to hand shake and extra weight in the gimbal could delay the responsiveness of the unit.

Sony Ax33 is better than most people realize

The difference is ONLY the lens. Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? BTW, the purple coating is there to aope internal reflections and glare, and is a common and age-old appearance of optics using anti-reflective treatment.

Personally, I would rather buy the Ax33 if it had a prime lens rather than a zoom lens, but they never make camcorders like that.

This makes much much more sense from a designer’s perspective given the requirement to shoot 20 Megapixel still photos through that very same lens. It is also true that the AX is unusable in terms of shakiness at the long end without active stabilization turned on.

Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Could that purple tint possibly be what is causing the purple fringe on the edges of dark objects with light backgrounds?


The lens used in the AX 33 may be the limiting factor, but I personally doubt it. I wonder how stable the AX33 is at the long end without active mode. The CA on that lens was the worst I had ever seen in a video camera, and its full HD resolution was horrible. The Ax33 is still very stable at long end with just using the standard stabilization.

You have concluded that the AX33 lens is the reason for its relatively soft performance for 4K video, and went on to explain that since the FDR-Xv had very superior video detail but used the same sensor and processor, the lens MUST BE the explanation for the inferior AX33 performance.

Sony Ax33 is better than most people realize: Digital Video Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Street Scene at Night. You may also like. I am sure it will be better than the Ax in terms of shakiness, but will it be stable – Sony does not offer this option, which they know degrades, for no reason. No, it is the lens.

It is entirely possible that Sony deliberately “cripples” the AX33 to avoid taking market ax333 from other Sony products. Read the specs and you will see the camera does not have a megapixel sensor. AX33 still frame And here is the frame grab, 1. Its one of the negatives of the camera.

Hands-on with the Fujinon MKmm T2. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. The Ax33 on the other hand uses exactly a 1: The ax33 doesn’t have the extra sensor space to take advantage of that option.


Those of us who have used software or other camcorders stabilizers know that there never has been a free lunch when it comes to eliminating vibration and shake and having a powerful stabilizer with user control is a great solution. I do feel that the Ax might have slightly larger pixels, or utilize pixel binning to reduce noise. I think that the glass is better on the Ax though, lending it to produce cleaner images. But, how stable is the video from the AX33 without active mode at the long end?

The stabilization is light years ahead of any other gimbal device you can get for videography as it is intelligent enough to know when a movement is due to hand shake and not purposely moving.

What technical basis is there for your extreme confidence that the Zeiss lens itself cannot do 8 Megapixel video? And I agree; I think it is the glass that is the letdown for the AX If you use active stabilization, the camcorder uses a crop of the sensor to allow for the extra space to buffer the movement of the camcorder.

The only comparison that comes close to fair would be to have the Ax33 at its widest angle, but even then you still comparing a prime lens to a zoom lens and we all know that prime lenses provide better imaging.