Xubuntu and Atheros AR Slackware64 -current started with Udev is very powerful and can do a variety of actions upon detecting certain events, like the appearance of a NIC. Whichever way the temporary remote admin is enabled it also get’s automatically turned off after some time should you ever forget to turn it off once you’re done. Many of the other options are the same. In most cases the modules for your wireless NIC get automatically loaded so that should not be an issue. Linux Power User Bundle.

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Here’s an example of one that recently gave me a headache over a long weekend after migrating from the seagate dockstar to RPi2. Attacks against WEP are trivial and take only minutes to perform.

In fact wlan0 is bridged with eth0 … for simplicity I chose not to have daughter devices call parent device init scripts so I start br0 from rc. In terms of space you can fit all that’s required in Mb with a little careful stripping of unnecessary locales and documents. The last upgrade was 8 programmable buttons with indicator leds to carry out arbitrary functions. This ath0 is the real network device, which you will be configuring and using.

Index of /~alien/slackbuilds/madwifi-free

You can configure network interfaces other than eth0,eth DC that matches a single network card, or a wildcard address that matches a whole range of cards, typically all cards from a specific vendor like The first tool we are going to look at is iwconfig 8. The old driver, also referred to as “madwifi-old”, still has some features that have not yet been ported to the “madwifi-ng” code. I didn’t assign any Domain in previous installs of Debian. Unfortunately, WPA had some flaws as well.


The block of text we’re interested in is the network block enclosed by curly braces. Over the years trying to maintain modified rc scripts functional across updates that involved slafkware rc scripts themselves became cumbersome so I started moving away from modifying the stock scripts and started developing my own stuff. Atherow a re various ways you could go about putting quotas on specific clients on your LAN just keep in mind a few things: We’re going to do everything on the command line:.

Setting up a WiFi Access Point on your Slackware Box

There are some generic filesystem type that may do better then other at handling flash devices and some that were specifically designed for that purpose but only slackwarre on native flash layer not an option on usb flash sticks like cffs2 and ubifs. Just run it once and it should then re schedule itself. I’ve two means of doing so:.

EDIT post edited to include the “-i” or “ignore case” option of grep command as the devicebeing written in hexadecimal characters, can include letters.

In all cases you might find interesting the netfilter flow diagram. Mensagem Pessoal, Sempre que inicio meu sistema ele so carrega a interface aatheros loopback. Having your information travelling on the airwaves makes it highly susceptible to interception by third parties, so over the years a number of methods have been devised to make wireless networking more secure.

  878A 25878 XP DRIVER

At this point, WPA2 is properly configured. And what if I need to connect to multiple wireless networks? The website is kept online for historic purposes only.

Atheros Ar Slackware Driver – forfreepac

When we discussed wired ethernet, each n in the variable corresponded with the n in eth n. If you’re doing web based remote administration you could send in a key via get and then set a cookie or something like that along with password protected htaccess.

An update called WPA2 offers even stronger protection. At the time I also had a modified rc. From this point forward, the normal rc. The network scripts of Slackware There are many free dynamic DNS service providers … google is your friend if you don’t like any of the ones I’m suggesting:.

Also having the filesystems ro will be even better wtheros avoiding access time updating. Unfortunately there are still access points configured for WEP, and you may need to connect to one from time to time.

We’re going to do everything on the command line: