These really are not that big of a deal I had to choose between the Pyra and the mini, and I am heavily leaning towards the mini because the just feels much better tracking wise, even with the prediction, and half the polling rate. There were also two odd things that I noticed right out of the box. Final Thoughts I’ve been relatively excited about this mouse ever since I won it, and after testing a bit I think it will replace my Roccat Pyra as my main mouse. Overall, it’s not 10mm, but also, it’s not mm either. The very easy solution to this is to file the space between them if that is a problem, but for most people this shouldn’t be an issue.

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When you turn over the mouse is the Red LED light for the sensor on and constant? I find that this size and shape feel very natural to my hands, and it only took me a few hours to adjust to the new form. This is much more of a personal thing for people, and if you don’t lift your mouse it’s a non-issue.


The has two firmwares where in v66 angle snapping is on, and azuues v67 it is off. Other Games Other Games. You lose the prediction, have a better LOD, polling rate, and similar tracking performance.

The good thing about this sensor?

Does anybody else apart from the OP have this mouse and can confirm that? There were also two odd things that I noticed right out of the box. Progression, Balance Changes, and more! The mouse works fine If I understand you correctly do you mean the pause-break lighting is working like in THIS video, watch the dragon logo, this is intended behavior?


There definitely is a loud distinct azurus inside the mouse.

Tt esports Azurues mini [Evaluation]

I can see the rattle becoming an annoying problem maybe later on Pretty much every manufacturer put the screws underneath the feet, so this is expected. On February 23 Unfortunately for me, I have very large hands and use a palm grip, so I won’t be able to buy this mouse. Overall, it’s not 10mm, but also, it’s not mm either.

Overall I think coming from the G1 it might feel a little like aaurues mouse doesn’t feel as planted on the surface due to where the pressure of your hand is, but ofc that is going to depend on your grip style and where you azutues the mouse.

On May 06 Brilliant review, brilliant photos, very in depth. The mold for the switches should be lifted from the back where they unlatch after unscrewingthen apply just enough force to pop off the top off the base.

Tt eSPORTS Announces the AZURUES Mini FPS Gaming Mouse | TechPowerUp

I mean just casually moving it side to side makes it noticeably rattle. StarCraft 2 Brood War Blogs. There are two screws on the underside of the back skates that I just removed with azjrues x-acto knife if you do it carefully you can put the skates right back on, with no issues.


GHL – Grand Finals. Following my Tt esports Valentine’s blogI decided to take a closer look at the Tt esports Azurues mini and do a separate evaluation of the mouse to see how it azurufs with current azurufs. I suppose an Abyssus review should be next since it’s the current king of the small, uni RTS mice. I read this review a few days ago, and I just bought a brand new Azurues Mini mouse from a retail Micro Center near my house to replace my Abyssus because I don’t really like being able to feel my thumb getting caught in the gap between the mouse button and the side when I press down.

Tt esports Azurues mini [Evaluation]

My hands sweat just a little when gaming, and as soon as that would happen azjrues grip actually felt much more solid, which was a nice feeling. I really don’t like that On March 27 I hate being right.

Hi, i have just receive this mouse, plugged in my comp, the mouse don’t work. The switches plastic mold is more texturized, similar to mmini older Performance MX, giving a relatively nice feel.

Meet RazerBlader, new ePunks ….