You may have to scroll all the way down to the bottom. Set Protocol to Raw. Please note that the display and cutter do not come standard on any printer model. You must have the Boca printer drivers installed on your computer. If this is the case, the printer will automatically try and renew its lease before it expires. This might be because the interface on which you’re capturing is plugged into an Ethernet or Token Ring switch; on a switched network, unicast traffic between two ports will not necessarily appear on other ports – only broadcast and multicast traffic will be sent to all ports. In this case, a reset RST packet will be sent to the open connection, and any previously stored data will be flushed.

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This address can be changed by the user see below. General A printer driver translates the graphical information displayed in your Windows application into a printer friendly format.


Printer Configuration – FGL vs. Virtually all options will be available on any model with the exception of the Lemur-M magnetics printer. While Boca does not support every Ethernet protocol, the printer supports a sufficient number of high level protocols to function effectively as a network printer.

All of the printers with the exception of the Lemur-S internal storage are available in a kiosk version. The commands are explained above. This command permanently stores the selected port settings in flash. This size will usually be incorrect. The blinking cursor indicates the current IP numeric value selected. You would have to check the documentation for the switch to see if this is possible and, if so, to see how to do this. Word also provides you with the unique ability to define a custom page size within the application itself.


If the problem is one where the printer stops printing you should wait up to 5 minutes before stopping the capture.

WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces are available at a slight premium on all printer models. Note also that on the Linksys Web site, they say that their auto-sensing hubs “broadcast the 10Mb packets to the port that operate at 10Mb only and broadcast the Mb packets to the ports that operate at Mb only”, which would indicate that if fgp sniff on a 10Mb port, you will not see traffic coming sent to a Mb port, and vice versa.

However, the following description will explain the use and limitations of this feature. Sharing the printer is your choice.


Our printer technology BOCA’s Lemur family of ticket printers are the most flexible and powerful direct thermal printers on the market today. Fill in the fields as follows: On a switched network, in order to see all the network traffic, both the Boca and computer should be connected to a non-switched hub. High resolution graphics and a variety of industry standard bar codes can be easily printed.

This function should only be used by an experienced user. The printer will reset the open connection after seconds of inactivity if another application is seeking to communicate with the printer.


Boca Systems – Ticket Printers, Kiosk Printers

This value can be changed by the user. Your printer may also be used as a Parallel printer if you have a Parallel port on your computer.

Please note the manner in which the printer formats the ticket in the various scenarios shown below. Some customers have asked for the ability to manually set the speed and duplex settings of the Ethernet port.

If this is the case, the printer will automatically try and renew its lease before it expires.

If not, it is sent to the Gateway Address. Include the appropriate IP addresses so we can identify the printer and server packets.

This command sets the Ethernet mode for the printer and is permanently stored in flash. If the printer is unable to get a dynamic IP address from the customer’s network in the allotted time period about one minuteit will default to the Ethernet is a network interface where the printer connects directly to your LAN. Click Nextand then provide the following information: If the interface is not running in promiscuous mode, it won’t see any traffic that isn’t intended to be seen by your machine.

We do not have tools for communicating bi-directionally in Linux and Mac environments.