Apparently takes playlists over as well. L4dva , May 11, L4dva , Jun 3, I’ll be returning the Cambridge audio bluetooth dongle – can’t believe how overpriced this unit is. Chromecast isn’t something I’ve considered, mainly because i use apple products. Update – I picked up a CCA yesterday they are back down to 15 in currys so glad i waited. Oct 26, Messages:

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May 10, at 4: Just a few questions first — will I need to use a chromecast app to play the music from — similar to a sonos type set up? L4dvaMay 18, Are there any cheaper alternatives that I could use?

L4dvaMay 19, AllCast — Cast photos, music, and video to your Chromecast on the Bluetoith Store CCA digital connection will be the same as your current digital connection from your macbook – it is all still in the digital domain so therefore data – until aapter reaches your DAC.

Apparently takes playlists over as well. Cambridge Audio BT bluetooth alternatives? Or can I use the Spotify app on the iphone or macbook and control my music directly in spofity? Allcast supports Sonos as well. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


Cambridge Audio BT100 Bluetooth Adapter for Dacmagic

Your nickname or email address: May 15, at 6: Do you already have an account? May 10, at 5: Jun 4, at 7: Your BT supports AptX higher quality bluetooth but that only works if the sending device supports it as well – you haven’t mentioned what that is.

May 19, at L4dvaJun 3, Or can anyone suggest a more better value Bluetooth adapter option? The source is an iphone 6s playing spotify premium music. May 19, at 6: Oct 26, Messages: Apr 21, Messages: If aapter are falling back to SBC codec then that is the standard used for connecting phones to car systems etc.

Cambridge Audio BT (bluetooth) alternatives? | AVForums

Jan 3, Messages: Thanks for your help – sounds spot on. Or will that need to be controlled via a new chromecast specific app? A better value bluetooth connector with similar spec would be: Something cheaper as it will only be for occasional use.


May 18, at Am running it via Optical. L4dvaMay 10, Update – I picked up a CCA yesterday they are back down to 15 in currys so glad i waited.

I also have a base model macbook pro with bluetooth, although again I’m not sure if this has AptX – not that I use this to stream music to the amp to anyways but would be interesting to know if it has this AptX ability. Jun 3, at 5: May 11, at 6: