The 4 channel 4 chip model is a Kodicom clone of the card and can be expanded using our 4 channel expander boards to a maximium of 16 channels on the single card. This isn’t to say all software is like this but a lot are. In conclusion this is a well supported card for Windows up to XP, when using the supplied software, and is ideal for Linux and Zoneminder as a 4 channel high frame rate capture device, but dont try and use this mid range card for applications that need Windows WDM drivers. This expansion does of course drastically reduce the available frame rate to about 6 FPS per channel so its advisable to use 2 x 8 channel cards to be reviewed next if you need 16 channels as then you will be able to achieve 16 channels at 25 FPS per channel. Find More Posts by jaskoola. Removing the card will rectify the problem and if this does happen then you should check the slot and move its position to a 5 volt PCI slot. Another really useful feature of these cards is their Linux and Zoneminder compatability.

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No free HSF Conexant chipset drvs for 2. May be of use to someone one day but it has certain hardware requirements. The confusion can arise mainly with the card 8 chip model as this card has 2 notches in the connector part of the PCB which allows it to physically fit in a 3 volt AND a 5 volt slot connector on a PC motherboard. This means the card can be used with your favourite software if you conwxant want the bundled software.

Earlier models of this card also had a single channel audio input on a 3.

Conexant Fusion 878a EZ View 4 Channel Driver

If the card is installed in a 3 volt only slot then no damage will occur but comexant PC simply wont boot up. As it has only a single processor chip this limits its maximum frame rate when you are using more than 1 x camera.


I bought one of these on Trade Me: This is not the case when used with Windows WDM drivers or Linux as then this chip is not accessed but rather the individual processor chips are accessed themselves. Therein lies my question, is there any open source DVR software for Windows or even some cheap or even better free applications that are available?

These cards will work very well with Linux applications and in particular with the very well known Zoneminder software, and as this software is FREE you can easily make a very stable and reliable full featured Linux based DVR at a minimal cost. This model of card requires a standard PCI slot in your machine. When using the supplied Kodicom – DVR NET software this output can be switched to provide a composite video output of any of the 4 inputs, or it can be set to sequence between them with a selectable dwell time for each channel.

This is due to a number of things, its old technology, difficulty in getting components and the availability of the type of slot required for this card in the most modern machines. Consequently cards using this chip have gathered a lot of support from a wide variety of sources. Join our community today! Having trouble installing a piece of hardware?

Can anybody help me? Also this card is very well supported in the Linux and Zoneminder forums. The time now is Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. But with the BTa cards it depends a lot on the environment and the PC they are used in as to wheather they need heatsinks or not.

Results 1 to 10 of This expansion does of course drastically reduce the available frame rate to about 6 FPS per channel so its advisable to use 2 x 8 channel cards to be reviewed next if you need 16 channels as then you will be able to achieve 16 channels at 25 FPS per channel.


These programs are very good and packed full of features which arent available in the bog standard software.

In conclusion this our best buy for compatability in the Cknexant card market at present as it works with its own software supplied with the card, Works with Windows WDM and therefor any application that uses these drivers and also works with Linux and Zoneminder.

This card is a highly popular model for a number of reasons. How fast is your internet?

DVR Surveillance software

We will discuss the last card in the range next time and then follow on with details of the PCI card slot requirements for all three models. DVR Surveillance software Motion? On the other hand I had to replace the motherboard on an Alnet system as it didn’t like the VIA chipset.

However the cards using this chip were designed many years ago and while being a solid design were getting very dated. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Twitter Digg del. For Linux users this bt878q is ideal as it has a full 8 channels at a high frame rate and is easily integrated into custom software applications. What makes this card really usefull is the fact that it can operate with Windows WDM drivers supplied which then allows the card to be used with 3rd party applications like Bt8778a Webcam, Argus DVR surveillance, iCatcher and GO etc.

Bye for now LES….

Our new range of capture cards for use the BTa chip but with a modern card design using the latest components and techniques bringing the tried and tested technology right up to date.