I’m hoping to have 5 or 6 temp sensors. Strictly Necessary cookies , Functionality cookies , Performance cookies and Advertising cookies. Monitor a wine cellar 4. Thanks, Marc — “A mouse is a device used to point at the xterm you want to type in” – A. Startup Passive 5. The online instructions seemed a bit vague to me, but the following steps appear to work.

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If you need to go in different directions then you could use a one wire hub, but I see no reason that doing a custom wiring job that brings the network back to the hub of your star network every time wouldn’t work. Initial NSLU2 preparation 5. All of y’all that already have a working solution, please try to get a wiki together with your info. If you decide to go with digitemp I have some code that you could use: Message 5 of 6. September 20, 7: Light – OWNet 2.


These are the ways I’m aware of: Configure it for each sensor on the network. It looks like this guy would do it: The software is packaged as owfs. The reason I prefer the option below is that I think it very robust because it takes reading the 1-Wire sensors totally outside the MH process.

How to get Dallas DS18S20 temp sensors working with a USB DS9490R?

Please fill in any blank spaces in the table for software you are familiar with. Linux has built in support for reading 1-Wire sensors, using the serial or USB interface. Questions Ask a Question 10 March Question by: Home monitoring — Paul Rimmer 4. Thanks for that option too, definitely worth looking at. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Quirks and Problems 8.

Startup Passive 5. September 21, 3: Aquarium automation — Rob Conway 4. I was looking for code inside mh.

Hardware and designs 4. What is 1-wire good for?

DSR # Univerz├ílis 1-Wire/USB/COM Port/Konverter/Adapter, Maxim-Dallas – ICP DAS

No, may I ask which interface you are using on the PC side and how you are reading the data? Try to use this driver instead: Most Active Software Boards: Took a little while to put together, but there you go: Home monitoring how-to — Silvano Gai 4.


Browse source code 8. Works very well in practice. This is an ibutton adapter for data logging purposes using the ibutton system only.

Otherwise the pause in MrHouse is too long using the built in code. Here are some sites I found with various software for dallas semiconductor buttons.

Now enter the following commands to load, configure, compile and install the software. On Tue, Sep 22, at