The 17 inch display with a resolution of x pixels had average measurement results. The target group won’t mind at all. Above the keyboard, besides the power switch, there is a further switch with imprinted battery logo, which hints on power saving functions. No longer do you have to deal with any more problems regarding searching for the right drivers and then installing them. The Precision comes with two independent fans video card, CPU. Of course, you are now desperately interested to know which CPU we selected for the reviewed notebook.

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On the contrary, especially architects are known to prefer black notebooks This is about the maximum runtime. Regarding keyboard layout, there is a slight structuring visible.

The Precision series by Dell was especially designed for professionals working with CAD applications and visualizations and demanding high video performance, reliability, and good support. With increasing deviation from the ideal horizontal viewing angle, you’ll face a loss of contrast. The case is made of aluminium and magnesium parts.

The pad is equipped with three buttonswith an especially big travelwhich proved to be very user-friendly, although you’ll need some time to get used to them. The results of the PCMark benchmark test were also convincing. The Dell Precision M scores points in all aspects which are important for a workstation. Many thanks to the company Planet Notebookwhich kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook.


Sound And Speaker Problems – Dell Precision M User Manual [Page ]

The case of the Dell Precision M is in general the same than the one of the already reviewed Dell Precision M90, which we already reviewed. The function keys are somewhat more to the back and precisin into function groups at the right side. So, only the operating noise of the hard disk was audible and we measured a noise level of The key feedback is user-friendly softyet is is definitely clear. The hardware inside is worth a closer look: Of course this notebook can handle up to 4GB RAMbut, you can only utilize them, when running a Bit operating system.

The case is first of all a cover for the complex components, which protects the sensible parts inside. This DVD will repair you Drivers problems! No longer do you have to deal with any more problems regarding searching for the right drivers edll then installing them. Dell offers an external one for a surcharge of Currently Dell offers the Precision M with two display versions. A fingerprint reader is an option too.

Especially CAD and various statics tools require to key in a lot of numbers. So, the robustness of the case is impressing and the workmanship is good. Although it is in general like the Precision M90, something is still completely different: Due to a minimum brightness of Installs and Updates all required drivers in just about 5 minutes.


DELL Precision M6300 Notebook Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates

Both of the spacious hinges are able to support every opening angle without problems besides a slight possible see-saw after adjusting the opening angle. The Precision M is a huge workstation for demanding 3D applications.

This is once again a special equipment by the company, which provided us with this notebook. Currently, this is also the maximum selectable by Dell’s on-line configuration tool. By default the M is equipped with a 9 cells 80 Wh batterywhich is located at the bottom side near the front.

But, that’s still not all. Visit our Help Pages. The Dell Precision M is generously equipped with interfaces. Audi important criterion for a mobile workstation is the provided interface equipment. So, it can be moved even if you do not apply much force.