Sep 15, 5. You’ll have to call him for information. And he still sounded just like Derek. I don’t know how much more wattage it can support. Sure, I’ll build ya one. I don’t know what it is yet.

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Im curious if anyone has had any similar experience with thier tone hunts.

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Better tubes will be required, too. Yes, it was CTS speakers with a name change, and later a direction change. I’ll use sm57 and a dedek stand all fancy like, and do a little mic placement to get the sweet spot on each speaker.

It’s very unconventional, but so very expressive. It’s an old thread, but to add to the Pyle comments. There can be only one.

Does he use your amp with the derek Trucks band too? Thanks again for all the info Lord Valve! Sure, I’ll build ya one.


At any rate, the only good Utah speaker I ever heard were the tens that Trucks used. Share This Page Tweet.

The Jensen Alnicos they come turcks are too bright. Prior to that they made all kinds of speakers and CTS was one of the sources for fender. I only have the 15″ left which I use for rehearsal, it’s not my fave choice but it’s OK for the volume level we practice at, and it beats moving my gig cabs back and forth.

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The DTs are only available from Lord Valve. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. Because of the current brand connotation. Yes, my password is: For that occasion, the guitar was plugged into an old Ampeg B bass amp. If so that would make the amps impractical for the average joe. A Peach Supreme Karma: Del PickupMar 26, Do you already have an account?

He would usually plug it in his small Fender combo. They don’t sound too much a like.


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Do you already have an account? Derek is mostly known for playing Gibson SG guitars. Whatch his work on crossroads live especially on anyday now and tell the truth.

Discussion in ‘ Amp Central Station ‘ started by bobbyryan25Mar 26, Mar 26, 3. I think Pyle used to be CTS or some other company in the past. Sell one like this.

I’ll bet David Page is just practicing with lyle new Weber Bias-Rite meter to make sure he knows how to work it. They did the job at the time for fender cleans for the money.