Surprisingly, there are no trails of cupeling and a label with a seal: However, I don’t expect any speed difference. The heatsink is attached to the card the same way as on the Leadtek solution: This is the most luxurious cooler I’ve ever seen! I like it very much. We have proven it in that review, and our 3Digest shows that there are no games able to enable the memory beyond 64 MBytes.

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NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January 2002

The slope of 0. The playability will anyway be too low. For testing we used the GeForce3 Ti card that we were able to overclock the highest: The cards differ only in coolers. Once again, the data gathered when overclocking the memory clock seemed to fall in a rather linear fashion. The picture is the same.

Samsung 4ns memory chips. Using this line we can see that each 1 MHz that the core clock is pushed, our game performance increased.

Increasing the core speed from the stock speed to the maximum core speed possible resulted in a Let’s take a look at what happened when we overclocked both the memory and the core of the GeForce2 Ti First of all, we haven’t tested yet a card from Gainward based on the GeForce3 Tiand secondly it will be a starting point for comparison of MBytes cards with their 64 MBytes brothers. As a result of this trait, we are able to fit a linear regression line to the data.


The only that can change are figures next to word “GeForce”: Of course we can calculate what memory is needed for the toughest 3DMark test in x, but do you need those fps gained?

Gainward Geforce3 Ti Video Card Review

The complete characteristics of video cards of this and other classes can be found in our 3Digest. Gianward only advantage is that such cards are not much dearer than 64 MBytes solutions.

For estimation of 3D quality we used: What happened when we pushed the core up to the MHz level?

2200 like we saw with the core overclock, performance did not level off as the memory clock speed got higher, suggesting that the memory bus does act as a bottleneck of some sort. Note that only the Leadtek comes with the faster 4ns memory which means that it can work at MHz.

The trend in the data obtained when overclocking the core and the memory of the GeForce3 Ti seemed to decrease gradually as clock speed tj.

Overclocking the GeForce3 Ti – NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January

Overclocking only the GeForce3 Ti core provided a noticeable speed increase. The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card. Log in Don’t have an account? Test system and drivers Testbed: Just at the gaknward of the year we discussed whether it was good or not for video cards to have MBytes memory.


Pentium 4 based computer Socket I like it very much.

Does this mean that you should only worry about overclocking your card’s core? As you can tell by the graph, increasing the core clock speed seemed to increase the speed of the card in a fairly linear fashion.

This time, to distinguish itself from it’s older brother, the GeForce3 Ti actually took a performance hit. It’s well matched with the card with the golden heatsink! Samsung 5ns memory chips. Post Your Geforce Please log in or sign up to comment.

If you are curious, the logistic equation is: Surprisingly, there are no trails of cupeling and a label with a seal: All the cards ship in retail packages apart from the Palit’s solution which is available both in a retail box and in an OEM package, though the accessories are the same.