I’ve had a catalogue of minor errors on this such as one of my 2 guns not working at all – but me assuming it just wasn’t working with my setup, it also appears that being Hz gun, the scorpion may well have 2 “modes” to cater for progressive output – what and how to switch the modes I have no idea – presumably 1st thing its pointed at, but fiddly when you are testing with powerstrip. Fifth generation era 1 , Sixth generation era 2 , and Seventh generation era 3. I’m not sure if this will solve your problem or not, but it’s worth a shot. Quite interesting in you earlier comment about sync width – sounds like you’ve done some testing with what does and does not work. In most FPS games, where you’re aiming is a fixed point on the screen, and you move the camera to aim. It is not what they are talking about here.

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Please Help! how to get guncon 2 to work on PC monitor and house of the dead 2

September 10, So basically, divide the 31KHz to 15Khz and make a composite sync Makes it look really nice but has the same effect allowing for perfect accuracy. Looks like it has a VGA pass through and simultaneous composite output.

To make the gun affordable to consumers, the force feedback feature of the Time Crisis arcade gun was omitted, and an additional fire button was included in lieu of releasing a pedal controller for the game’s ducking mechanic. Zeropoint, call me scientific since I’ve never been strong in gunccon2.


Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

DualShock port, DualShock 2 port, motion sensing. Is gnucon2 using a lightgun? This controller has been criticized for being uncomfortable for left-handed gamers. I also found this one: I already knew that the original lightguns were very restrited in their functionality though it’s quite amazing how they worked, read some stuff in wikipedia, like SimicEngineer wrote, they required to track the beam. Here’s my board ignore everything that isn’t around the chip – thats a couple of other circuits to smooth the output and huncon2 to give me a regulated 5V supply from a higher input.

I have a set of the old act labs guns, and they work alright, but the aim gets screwed up when near the edges of the screen, or if there are two players So you could wave the gun around to aim, but it would have nothing to do with aiming at the screen.

GunCon2 on PC-monitor

Hi there, i just remembered the times when we were playing lightgun games on PlayStation years ago Time Crisis, etc and i was just wondering if there are still any Lightguns for PC around. The Guncon 3 utilizes two infrared LEDs as markers, placed on the left and right sides of the screen.

The Guncon 3 features a “sub-grip”, mounted underneath the barrel and extending to the gunccon2 side for use with the left hand.

I havn’t actually got it hooked up to a TV yet so can’t compare accuracy.


In this case, I think he was reffering to the thread – this thread has been about a gundon2 to allow 31Khz monitors to work with the guncon2. Originally posted by Schnurri:. The controller is released in black in Japan, blue in Europe, and orange in North America. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Silver, congratulations and thank you for the circuit. Home Help Search Login Register. September 17, For the record, I also added some extras to the above circuit to smooth out the output a bit when I could not get it pf. The original controllers used traditional light gun technology, while newer controllers use LED tracking technology.

PS2 Guncon2 PC Driver

Smog on September 17, It is not what they are talking about here. Unlike the previous controller, the gun uses a USB connection as opposed to a PlayStation controller port. It’s been well documented, and I’ve even tested it at some point in the last decade.

Fifth generation era 1Sixth generation era 2and Seventh generation era 3. The circuit for wiring is shown below. Call me pessimistic, but I’ve seen light guns come and go.

Prior to the Guncon, the Konami Justifier was the first light gun peripheral for the PlayStation and a few games support it.