Admin September 9, at 8: Case 1 Do you mean WPA? As a warning, I am making a Guestimate here. I have looked online, in forums and in blogs and don’t know why it doesn’t work. Sara September 27, at Kismac is set on primary device.

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I sometimes play dumb and leave my router “on” but not connected.

But I am completely confusing Andy June 24, at 2: I don’t understand the “unload” part. Hope I m clear, and thanks a lot for your time.

Kismac is set on primary device. The main question here is To crack I used both of the weak attacks. I read the link and for example: Have you tried, or installed some weird drivers for your broadcom? HG” is the Hexadecimal key. I have Snow leopard Aksel, – Thank you for posting a –complete– report, and thank you for reading and trying.


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KisMac: Could not load Monitor Mode for Airport Extreme. Drivers were not found.

After googled them, those kext refers to the raid configuration. I forgot to reply. Anonymous June 7, at 3: Upgrade growl from 1.

I reinstalled 3 times the febraury trunk of kismac nuking with file finder and cleaning with appcleaner and i found two things that were neglected in previous cleanings: I have tried many previous builds of kismac Thanks in advance for all the time you dedicated to this blog and your help!

Wayne Dyer b Hey, As you are of the rare ones that ask questions here, I am going to answer right away: Admin November 9, at 8: Furthermore, you’ll be able to switch bit without going through Terminal.

Mac Tips and “How To” On a Mac: KisMAC Questions & Answers

Breath, take a break, and watch again. Admin September 18, at Admin September 9, at 8: Andy, Please, please, please: Console and system log doesnt show anything strange related to kismac If the active driver is installed it scans my networks and growl shows notifications as they loaad detected.


The driver is loaded at boot. Admin May 29, at 5: Me January 27, at 7: I have loa detected what is the exact signal border, but i have some ranges: Im using “mac keeper” to uninstall it. When im looking in my networks the collection of unique ivs is “positive” and im not increasing the traffic, i.