Pressing the center button on the four-way controller is a quick way into playback mode. The thumbnails below show a subset of my standardized test images. Let’s talk photos now. The zoom and scroll feature my term allows you to zoom in as much as 8X in 2X increments into your photo, and then scroll around. Now, here’s a look at the resolution and quality choices on the MR:.

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Free Photo Lessons Simple kypcera lighting and use tips let you snap stunning photos. In addition, there was mild vignetting in nearly every picture I took. The position of the tripod mount kyovera potentially make for a slightly tilted connection on some tripod heads, although this could easily be accommodated by adjusting the tilt of the tripod head itself.

One thing that wasn’t a problem was purple fringing. Finally, the SLR has a fairly flat bottom panel, with only the battery and memory card compartment.

Kyocera Finecam L3V

The 3x lens remains flush with the camera front, perfect for pockets. Stash the file in a safe place and it’ll be there when you need it. Photos were fuzzy and soft and colors were dull in many of my real world test photos.

Moving between photos is instantaneous. For self-portraits or timed shots, the S5’s Self-Timer counts down from either two or 10 seconds after the Shutter button is fully pressed before the shutter fires.


There was a fair amount of noise you can see it in this crop in the shot as well. I had a really hard finfcam locating any accessories for the MR including conversion lenses. With many users creating very large albums using the new Fineacm Album feature, Google has decided to double the image and video limit for albums in Photos.

Kyocera Finecam SLR – digital camera review: Kyocera Finecam SLR – digital camera – CNET

The SLR employs a Multi-Area Evaluation metering system by default, which divides the image area into sections kyocerz determine the best overall exposure.

Rogue drones cause chaos at London’s Gatwick international airport. A lens-adapter ring ships with the Finecam MR, allowing you to mount 52mm accessories such as filters and conversion lenses. Kyocera US confirm Finecam S3.

Don’t show this again. The camera is also PictBridge-enabled for direct printing to a compatible photo printer.

Specifically, two series of 8MP images. Overall, this is a camera for users more concerned about style than photography. Memory card corruption can happen with any card type and any camera manufacturer, nobody’s immune. Using the Kyocera Finecam S5. We’ve changed, we promise. In Playback mode, the left and right arrows scroll through captured images on the card. Pressing the telephoto side of the zoom kyofera magnifies the image 2x, after which the arrow pad keys let you scroll around within the image.


The S5 offers automatic exposure control, as well as a handful of manual adjustments.

Digital Cameras – Kyocera Finecam S5 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Below that is the four-way switch, used for menu navigation as well as these functions: The S5 has a manual “preset” white balance mode, so you can get great white balance even with the lighting is tricky. Its thin body is also quite inconspicuous when the camera is powered off, but the swivel body design may draw a little attention when shooting. Be the first to write one! In Playback mode, the left and right arrows scroll through captured images on the card. Gear of the Year – Allison’s choice: On the opposite side of the flash compartment are the camera’s light sensor and the Self-Timer LED lamp.

I get a lot of email from readers who’ve lost photos due to a corrupted memory card.