If you are unsure if your cable is a RS C cable, contact your plotter distributor. Click on any picture to see full size. What is going on? Reply 4 – The three items in the case are Mutoh mechanical pencils, a 3mm, 5mm and 7mm pencil.

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There ought to be an option to rotate the cutter in the menus, the mutoh is not a cutter I know.

This is something you define on the machine itself, so please check that the software speed setting is not being overridden. If you wish to cut in a portrait fashion simply rotate your graphics.

Mutoh XP-620C Setup Help

To further aid in the pens longevity the FoodSaver canister or FoodSaver vacuum bags are used. Reply 3 – Reply 8 – This is what it looks like for this machine.

Click on any picture to see full size. Put the lever in the UP position. The Black Cat India may also have a long shelf life.

If you are unsure if your cable is a RS C cable, contact your plotter distributor. For example if your vinyl cutter accepts a maximum vinyl roll of mm 24 inch set your Height to mm You must have these type A adaptors to use pens. Signgo as you say sets the origin to top left and cuts up the sheet, what it expects is the cutter set so when powered on the cutter comes to the right of the machine as you look at it, this is the normal setting for the majority of cutters except Roland which needs rotate on.


Mutohs often run at 0. The eight upright and one laid down items are the Pen Adaptors. If you are looking for a long shelf life forget this. This sets the menu to Standby.

Hi Alan, thanx for the quick response. I think this may be a setting in the cut tab that has gone wrong. What is 62c0 on? The air in the containers and bags is vacuumed out reducing the likelihood of further dry-outs. As soon as I try to start the plot the Plotter picks up the knive mutou across the sheet, puts the knive down and cuts a line a cross the sheet from upper left corner to the bottom right corner and I get an error message saying “Out of Limit” from the plotter.

Do I need a knive with a lower degree value for example 30 degrees or is the knive maybe just not sharp enough anymore I just bought the plotter with a used knive? The black item with the red tip and the two item next to it are two re-useable pen tip holders.


Reply 7 – Reply 4 – I am still testing the longevity of the color fastness to UV exposure. To cut any object in CorelDraw, simply place on the page in the bottom left corner.

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This product was first available in See that container of Koh-I-Noor Black. Click on the word Document on the left hand mutou and ensure all of the options are ticked and click on the OK button. These pens are nearly 15 years old.

This is the most powerful vinyl cutting and sign making package combination available, at a fraction of the cost of high end sign programs. Ensure that you are using a Landscape page. I just don’t get it anymore